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Developers and Manufacturer of Industrial Printing Solutions HP and Xaar Heads :: No.1 in THAILAND


PT Asia is single source for coding and marking equipment. Our main equipments have two primary markets are commercial and industrial printing applications integrated with HP and Xaar print technology.

If you are looking for an innovative coding and marking solution for use in the phamaceutical, food, beverage, wood, cosmetics, paper, carpet, plastic card, commercial document, bank note, brand protection, flexible packaging, barcode printing, mailing, variable data, numbering and intellectual property protection industies - you have come to the right place.

Service & Support
Service and support are provided through technicians and support staff who have all been specially trained.

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HSA Systems has an extensive range of industrial high-resolution printing systems.
Our portfolio includes thermal inkjet printers based on HP TIJ 2.5 technology and piezo inkjet printers based on Xaar 128/500 technology, as well as complete mailing and pharmaceutical applications. From our range of equipment we offer solutions for simple and easy print requests to highly complex and advanced printing applications. HSA Systems supplies inkjet equipment for OEM applications, as well as complete and adequate end-to-end printing solutions.

Hewlett-Packard TIJ 2.5 Inkjet
HSAJET® controllers in combination with HP thermal inkjet technology give a very high print quality.The HSAJET® printers are based upon the reliable HP TIJ2.5 technology which delivers consistent, high-quality, fast printing, exceptional value, and ease of use.

HP thermal inkjet printers require very little maintenance and are very clean and efficient. They are cost-effective, reliable and fast, which leaves them in high-demand from the pharmaceutical industry. They also offer high quality and a lower cost of ownership, which makes them common also in other industries, such as mailing and packaging. All of our controllers can be used in combination with HP TIJ printers.


Xaar Piezo Inkjet
Our Xaar Piezo Inkjet systems are used in numerous industrial applications. This drop-on-demand technology offers a wide range of print heights and configurations, which eliminates the need for additional labeling or pre-printed stock.It features the lowest cost per print, very simple setup and alignment, and non-contact coding, combined with flexible and modular constructions.The piezo printers are widely used in the packaging industry, but are also a good choice for other industries, such as mailing.

Available controllers to be used in combination with our XAAR printers:
• CU2-XJ128 & CU2-XJ500
• TIPC15-XJ128 & TIPC15-XJ500
• CB2-XJ128 & CB2-XJ500

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Developers and Manufacturer of Industrial Printing Solutions HP and Xaar Heads :: No.1 in THAILAND

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